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  • What is a wig?
    A wig is a head covering made from human hair or synthetic fiber. People wear wigs to cover hair loss or baldness or change their hairstyle and color. Obviously, human hair wigs are wigs made from real human hair. They will give you the most natural feeling compared to the synthetic wigs.
  • What is the difference between Human Hair & Synthetic Hair?
    BURN FOR SMELL AND ASHES. Choose a small strand of hair and burn it. If the hair is 100% human, it smells like a barbecue and the ashes can be twisted into powder; if not, it smells like plastic and the ashes will stay as a caking. THE PRICE That is very obvious: with the same style and length, Human hair wigs are much more expensive than synthetic ones. Therefore, If your human hair wig is relatively cheap, you may need to consider whether it's blended with synthetic fiber or the hair that collected to make this wig is not of a healthy quality. THE ABILITY TO STAND HEAT Use a flat iron to heat the hair. If the hair can be heated at 220 degrees without a paste, it is real human hair. Well, a small strand of hair is enough for the test.
  • How to choose the Cap Size?
    Step 1: Measure Your Cap Size Measuring your head size is very important to do prior to ordering a wig. Here are the 5 measurements you will need to make. PLEASE NOTE: This is a guide to understand the cap size. It does not mean that each wig will come in all cap size options. Sizes will vary slightly due to different types of wigs.
  • How to choose the right Cap?
    So, how many cap constructions does Crowned Barbie offer? And what are the differences between them? How do you choose? Well let’s explain this! The wig cap constructions we offer are the lace front cap, full lace cap, glueless full lace cap, closure cap, 360 frontal caps and HD invisible caps. LACE FRONT WIGS Lace Front Wig cap construction is very natural-looking, creating an invisible hairline and giving the illusion of hair growing right out of your scalp. Lace Front Caps have lace in the front and traditional wefts in the back. In the front lace area, you can part your hair freely. For the weft area, we also add an elastic net inside of the cap which makes the wig comfortable and durable. Our lace front wig has clips and combs pre-sewn into the cap and an adjustable strap in the back which can be tightened an inch. The lace, after all, is delicate, so be careful not to pull or stretch it out. Natural-looking front hairline Closed weft with elastic net inside of the cap Clips/Combs already sewn in Competitively less expensive Handled with care CLOSURE TOP WIGS For Closure Top Wigs, the top portion of the cap is made from a very fine, sheer material called a closure. Closure Top Wigs have been known as the best wig for cancer patients as it is a perfect combination of style and comfort. A closure wig creates the illusion of natural hair growth and offers you natural hair movement. Soft comfortable cap Friendly on sensitive scalps Natural hair movement FULL LACE WIGS Full Lace Wigs are 100% hand-tied human hair wigs. Each hair is hand-tied onto a mesh base to create the most natural hair growth and provide a super soft fit. With a full lace wig, wherever you part your hair, you will have the natural appearance of scalp. A full lace wig imitates most successfully the natural movement of real hair and can be worn in a variety of styles such as a high ponytail or updo. A full lace wig takes 40 hours of work to make, so they are pricier. However, it is a worthy investment considering its unique features. 100% Hand-Tied Allows a free parting anywhere Natural hair movement Can be worn in a high ponytail or updo Higher price GLUELESS LACE WIGS Glueless lace wigs don’t need to be secured using glue. Glueless lace wigs are 100% hand tied and have all the benefits of a full lace wig. A glueless lace wig has combs and clips already sewn into the cap, as well as an adjustable strap at the back which can be tightened by an inch. For beginners, a glueless lace wig is recommended. Glue-free 100% Hand-tied Clips and combs pre-sewn Adjustable Strap Great for beginners
  • How to cut the Lace Front?
    It is strongly recommended to try on the wig first to make sure it will look good on you before cutting the lace. Once the lace is cut the wig will not be eligible for return. For lace front wigs, the front lace should be cut to make the hairline look natural. To cut the lace, pull down the lace gently and using scissors, cut the extra lace carefully and a little at a time. Treat it as your own hairline which is not perfectly straight but natural. Cut slowly, so you can see if you are cutting it in the right way.
  • How to care for the Human Hair Wig?
    Gently brush the wig to remove tangles with a wide tooth comb. When brushing, start at the ends and work your way up to the roots. Fill a basin or sink with cool water and shampoo. Never use hot water. Soak your wig for 3-5 minutes, Gently swirl without rubbing. Remove your wig from the sink, and thoroughly rinse in cool water. Gently squeeze the excess water and towel blot hair. Never twist or wring your wig. Place the wig on a wig stand, spray with leave-in conditioner, and allow to air dry. When the wig is completely dry, it is ready to style. Never style a wig when wet.



Please read this information carefully as it contains important details about our policy that may apply to you.

At Crowned Barbie hair customer satisfaction is our first priority. We stand behind the quality of our products 100%. We believe we can work together with our clients to make every purchase a positive experience. Our hair is carefully hand inspected by our fulfillment department before leaving our location. Due to the nature of our product, and because each individual piece comes from a separate donor, we cannot guarantee hair color or texture.

All terms of payment are always 100% upfront. As soon as you place an order online your credit card will be charged. We have zero tolerance for credit card fraud and theft of our merchandise. Any fraudulent purchases will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Please read the following terms to understand our policies in full. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!


Varying information on your invoice details or transaction information flags our verification team. As an extra step to protect our customers from internet fraud, we may require the customer to submit a government issued photo ID or valid license to authorize their transaction. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

At Crowned Barbie we maintain a very high level of quality assurance by taking every bundle of hair through a vigorous process to make sure you are receiving the best quality product possible. All hair orders are thoroughly inspected before shipping. It is our primary focus to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Due to the nature of our products, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Also layaway wig $100 down 30 days to pay off your wig


Due to the nature of the hair industry, all-sales of hair is FINAL. At no time will we refund any item purchased through our website or in person. If you receive the wrong item, contact us via email or phone as soon as you receive your items. We will provide you with options so that you can return the item for an exchange. Once we receive the item(s) and inspect the item(s) we will exchange them within 3-5 days of verified inspection or when your replacement item(s) is available for shipment. Customer will be notified via email when items(s) have been accepted or rejected for exchange.


ONLINE EXCHANGE POLICY: Due to hygienic reasons we only exchange items that have not been opened, worn or tampered with. An exchange must be claimed with 24 hours of delivery.


You must contact us first via Crowned Barbie within the 24 hour exchange Period. All Crowned Barbie Custom Units must be shipped back unopened, in its original packaging and the packaging must not be broken or defaced in any way or a return will not be issued. Items will be inspected to see if you qualify for an exchange. Opened or worn merchandise will not be exchanged.


Crowned Barbie is NOT responsible for shipping costs on exchange items. You are responsible for all return shipping costs (unless there was a fault on the behalf of Crowned Barbie) we recommend that you send your return with a tracking number; as we WILL NOT be responsible for lost returns.


A new order will be shipped after we have received and inspected that the returned hair extensions were not opened and taken out of its original packaging.

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